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 Your genetic information determines the way you are and the way your body responds to any stimuli. So this is the reason why some people can't change their skinny body? How to gain weight? Is this even impossible? As a genetics student and a bodybuilding lover and personal trainer I've been reading and doing research in order to find the adequate stimuli that can generate a response from the body and overcome the genetic barrier of muscle growth.

Gain Muscle
 There is a lot of information, I know, but here I have chosen some gain muscle tips that I've found and I hope this will help some of you skinny hardgainers out there who are unhappy with your bodies.
Calories and diet:
The faster your metabolism, the more difficult it is to gain muscle or fat.
If you consume more calories than you burn each day, you will gain weight fast.
To gain muscle your caloric intake should be equal to about 15 - 18 times your body weight.
Some types of calories are not equal to others for gaining muscle.
Increase your fat intake instead of your daily carbs.
Always eat high quality protein.
Most of the vegetable protein you eat will not be used to build muscle.
Eat several times in a day in order to gain weight fast.
You don't need a lot of expensive supplements to build muscle
Not supplement would work if you are not training and dieting correctly.
If you want to gain muscle, you must make sure that you are not deficient in any vitamin, mineral or trace element that your body needs.
Training techniques to successfully gain muscle mass:
Use heavy weights.
Use Free weight and not machines.
Use compound exercises.
Increase your workout load in small increments systematically in order to build muscle.
You must avoid overtraining, don't train to often.
 If you are looking for a detailed and complete gain muscle program be very careful, there are a lot out there offering the holy miracle to muscle gain, I can tell you there is no such magic formula. The muscle grow process is very complex and there are a lot of factors involved and most part of the information out there is promoting the wrong factors.
by Jose Davila


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